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Looking For a Team (18+ title)

2013-02-06 04:14:14 by vulcanshammer3

I've recently picked up a long dead project from Playshapes. The game Mario is missing by playshapes was a great game to me, and to see its sequel unfinished wouldnt be fair at all, so I downloaded the FLA file he posted and am looking for a team to help me finish this game.

Please Comment or PM me if you are interested in working on this with me. (keep in mind this is an 18+ title and although i would not turn away anyone younger, you do so knowing this is mature content and i cannot be blamed for what you may see)


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2013-02-06 20:34:09

Be careful, if you use someone elses work without permission it might be taken down by the mod team.


2013-02-09 04:57:25

Yeah im aware of that. im only trying to make a game of it, our own design but the mario is missing 2 that is already on here is lacking, im just looking to make a better one is all.